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Thrown into the limelight and onto the world’s stage after the fatal airplane crash of the entire U.S.A. Figure Skating Team on Valentine’s Day, 1961, Junior Champion Gary Visconti, his young friend Peggy Fleming, and others skated their way into the history books and the hearts of the American public.

From the unlikely origins of Detroit’s lower end all the way through a Cold War era played out on the ice fields of the world, two-time U.S. Champion, North American Champion, Olympian, and World Professional Champion Gary Visconti became a national skating treasure and a Hall of Fame coach, helping to advance the careers of such iconic skaters as Scott Hamilton, Dorothy Hamil, Tai Babilonia & Randy Gardner, Elvis Stojko, Rudy Galindo and many, many others.

After a ground-breaking professional ice skating career that saw Gary perform for the Queen of England, the Premier of Russia, Charlie Chaplin and hundreds of thousands of adoring fans from Paris to Prague, Boston to Berlin and beyond, “Coach” Visconti turned his attention to helping others at every turn and perfecting a new art – of living.

Within the pages of Falling for the Win, readers will not only be entertained and amused by the many recollections of this little Italian American hero of good friends and great experiences all around the world but they will be challenged, personally, to examine their own inspirations, and challenges, shortcomings and inner strengths, even as Gary had to do to rise above and overcome the many obstacles that stood in the way of his rise to fame and success.

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